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Will The City of Atlanta Require an Ignition Interlock Device After A First Offense DUI?

Will Atlanta Require an Ignition Interlock Device in Your DUI Case?

If you are convicted of a 2nd DUI within a 5-year period, then your DUI will mean you have to drive around with an ignition interlock device (IID). The IID is a device installed in your vehicle that acts like a breathalyzer to start the car. If your breath has no alcohol, then the car will start. If your breath has a little alcohol, then the car won't start. On top of that, a failed breath test will be recorded by the device. That means that when you probation officer finds out that you had failed breath tests, they may try and revoke your probation so you'll lose your driving privileges all over again. Before you decide whether to plead guilty to a second DUI or fight the charges, contact a Georgia DUI defense lawyer who understand what a second DUI can mean, so you can keep the conviction off your record.

In addition to an IID in your car for a year, a second DUI will also mean jail time, with a minimum of 48 hours behind bars; fines of up to $1,000; up to a 3 year suspended license; DUI school; mandatory community service; and a license reinstatement fee. There are also a lot of hidden costs and fees associated, including increased insurance premiums, and the cost of the IID installation, monthly fees, and regular maintenance, which can cost over $1,000.

If you are convicted of a second DUI, you will not be able to drive anywhere for 120 days. After that, you can apply for limited driving privileges with an IID in your vehicle. However, you will still be limited in where you can drive and when. You can drive to and from work or school, to DUI school and court mandated substance abuse counseling or support groups, but you cannot drive wherever you want. If the police stop you on a limited driving permit, you may face additional penalties and could be violating your probation.

The IID is attached to the car and in order for the driver to start the car, the driver has to blow a clean breath into the device with no alcohol detected. Only after a clean breath is blown will the driver be able to drive. Then, at periodic points, the IID will signal the driver needs to blow another clean breath. If the test breaths fail, then the IID will record the failure.

Of course, there are a number of ways you can violate your probation with an IID on your car. Two of the most obvious ways are by having alcohol on your breath when you blow in the the IID, or by trying to bypass the IID to drive. Any failing breath tests or tampering signs will be recorded by the IID. During the next maintenance check, those results will be forwarded to the state, and those probation violations may land you back in court, and possibly back in jail.

There are lots of rumors on how to trick the IID. Some people say a copper penny in the mouth with not show the alcohol. Others say smoking, or mints will cover up the alcohol. Some more sophisticated tricks involve online devices, which also fail to pass the test. Other people will try to have a friend blow a clean breath, or use a balloon with a clean breath. However, IIDs are getting more sophisticated, and can include a camera, or have the driver inhale into the device or even hum, which a balloon cannot do.

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