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Can You Be A Cop If You Had A DUI?

For most people unjustly arrested for a DUI, they see the cops as the bad guys. The police don't always play by the rules, and sometimes that can mean ending up in jail charged with driving under the influence. However, sometimes it is the police officers themselves who end up on the other side of the sobriety checkpoint. Since police officers are charged with enforcing the law and trained to detect drunk drivers, they should really know better than driving drunk. What happens to the police or future police officers when they are pulled over on suspicion of driving while intoxicated?

Police Officers With a DUI

Although many people think that the “blue code of silence” may mean that a police officer pulled over for drunk driving may be let off the hook, or even given a ride home, widespread preference may be a thing of the past. Especially in larger police departments, like the Atlanta Police Department, it may be more difficult for cops to get away with driving drunk. A lot of officers don't want to risk the adverse consequences to their own career if they are found to have let an impaired fellow officer drive home.

Police departments take DUIs very seriously. An officer found driving drunk will reflect poorly on the department. In most cases, an officer who gets a single DUI will probably not lose their job, but will face some disciplinary action. This could include administrative suspension or leave with or without pay, while the officer undergoes alcohol counseling.

However, if the DUI involved serious injury, occurred while the officer was on duty, or reflected a history of alcohol related offenses, the penalties are likely to be more severe, and could include termination.

Chances for a Law Enforcement Career After a DUI

If you are someone who wants to be a police officer in the future, but were recently convicted of a DUI, it will be difficult, if not impossible for you to get a job in law enforcement. It may be possible, but it will likely be extremely difficult.

A one-time DUI may not be an automatic disqualification, but it will be a hurdle to overcome. In most cases, law enforcement jobs have a large applicant pool, with people seeking relatively good pay, job security, and great benefits. With so many people applying to these police jobs, the hiring boards has the luxury of being picky when it comes to who they offer the job. A prior DUI is a negative factor for a job applicant, and may have the practical effect of taking them out of the running.

The individual applicant's situation will play a factor. If the DUI happened years ago, was a one-time occurrence, and the driver had a borderline BAC reading, the police department may be more willing to overlook the DUI. However, multiple DUIs are a much more serious consideration, and any felony conviction will probably mean an automatic denial for a law enforcement job.

Georgia DUI Defense for Police

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