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DUI and Post Graduate Education: What You Should Know

How Will a DUI Affect My College Career?

We've all made mistakes in our youth. That is a part of growing up. Unfortunately for young people growing up today, a simple mistake can affect their future college careers and even financial aid opportunities. If you or a loved one has been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), then an experienced Atlanta DUI defense lawyer can help to get the charges reduced, or dropped, so their bright future won't be hindered by a criminal record.

DUI on College Applications

There are standard college applications used by a number of schools, as well as individual applications. The application itself should say whether or not an applicant needs to disclose a DUI when filling out the application. Most applications will only ask about a prior felony charge. Most DUIs in Georgia are misdemeanors, and only in extreme cases will they be prosecuted as a felony.

When filling out a college application, it is important for the applicant to answer all questions truthfully. Lying about a prior DUI arrest may end up worse for the applicant that simply disclosing the information, if required. If the application requires reporting of criminal convictions, then the DUI should be reported. If there is an optional place to report a prior conviction, it is up to the applicant to decide whether they want to disclose a DUI arrest or not. The good news is, that for most one-time DUI charges, this will not be the reason a college denies a student's application, so potential students shouldn't worry that one DUI will end their college career.

DUI and Financial Aid

Having a DUI can even affect your ability to apply for financial aid and scholarships for college. In most cases, a misdemeanor DUI will not have much impact on a student's financial aid. But a felony DUI could bar them from getting money for college. Individual private scholarships should be carefully reviewed because some may have specific requirements which would require disclosure of a DUI.

College Athletes with a DUI

College athletes may face suspension or even lose their scholarships if they are arrested and convicted of a DUI. This will depend on the circumstances surrounding the criminal charge, and what “Code of Conduct” the student was bound by.

Law School DUI

Law school applications are much more straight forward when it comes to DUI reporting. Most law school applications have a section that asks if the applicant has ever been charged or convicted of a crime other than a minor traffic offense. This would include not only a DUI conviction, but also a DUI arrest where there was no conviction.

Even if a law student does not disclose a criminal charge, and thinks they got away with it, the Georgia Office of Bar admissions may refuse to allow law grads to take the bar exam, or gain admission to practice if they find out that the student didn't disclose a prior criminal charge. A single DUI will likely not impact law school admission, but this will depend on the individual's entire application.

DUI Defense Lawyer for Students

Don't let a DUI arrest turn into a DUI conviction. A conviction for driving under the influence will result in a criminal record, and college applications may require disclosure of any criminal charges. This might also impact graduate school opportunities, and financial aid availability. Call our offices anytime, day or night, so we can fight your DUI charges.

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