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Will I Get Fired If I Get an Atlanta DUI?

What business is it to anyone else if you got a DUI? Being arrested is bad enough, and there is no reason why you'd want to share that information with anyone else. The problem is, that some jobs may require you to tell them that you got arrested for a DUI, even if you think it's none of their business. In the worst case scenario, you could lose your job, or even get fired for having a DUI.

The good news is that for most jobs, your employer will never have to know about your DUI. There is no Georgia state law that says everyone has to report their DUI arrest to their boss. This leaves two main categories where you may be required to disclose a DUI conviction: driving jobs and company policies that mandate reporting. The bad news is that a DUI could impact those jobs, and you could even be fired as a result, because Georgia is an at-will employment state.

Driving Jobs with a DUI

If you were driving the company car when you got arrested for a DUI, your employer will surely be aware of the arrest, and you will likely get fired for driving drunk on the job. However, if even if you were arrested outside of work in your own car, you may have to disclose this to your company if your job involves driving. This could include full-time truck drivers, delivery drivers, or even someone who only drives during the job once in awhile. The reason for this is that the company's insurance premiums may be increased to cover an employee with a DUI.

Of course, if you lose your license because of a DUI, you won't be able to drive at all, even if your job requires it. It's a lot easier than you think to lose your license. This is because of the confusing administrative process which kicks in after a DUI arrest. The administrative license suspension is separate from the criminal drunk driving case.

After an arrest, the police will take the driver's license, and instead give them a piece of paper with some confusing timelines. Although it acts as a temporary driver's license for 30 days, the really deadline is only 30 days long. Thirty days from arrest is all the time you have to challenge the automatic suspension. If you don't pay the $150 fee to challenge the administrative suspension, your license will be automatically suspended for a minimum of 30 days, up to a year maximum.

Company Reporting Policies

It may seem totally unnecessary to have to report a DUI to your boss when your work involves no driving, or operating heavy equipment. But some employers write a mandatory reporting requirement into their policies, employee handbook, or employment contracts. You may be bound by these reporting requirements to disclose a DUI arrest. If you don't, and the employer finds out about the DUI, you may be penalized or fired for failing to do so. Don't forget, arrest records are publicly available, and an employer could do a simple background check to find your DUI as part of your criminal record, even if it was only a misdemeanor offense. This is also true of future employment opportunities. Many employers conduct a background check on new hires, which will show a DUI conviction.

If you come clean, and tell the employer and ask them to not tell any of the other employees, they will likely understand that the arrest was an unfortunate mistake, and not affect your continued job opportunities. Some company policies may not take a DUI arrest so lightly, this is an unfortunate possible outcome that comes with a DUI conviction. This is why it is important to fight DUI charges. Don't forget, a DUI arrest does not mean you will have a DUI conviction.

DUI Defense Lawyer

Don't let a DUI arrest cost you your job. Don't let another moment pass before calling an experienced Atlanta DUI lawyer. Time is ticking, and before you know it, you could be dealing with a suspended license. If you have any questions about how a DUI could affect your job, or if you have to tell your work about a DUI, give me a call. You can call our office 24/7, and I'll tell you what we can do to beat your DUI charges. 

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