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What Do Delta Airline Pilots Do After an Atlanta DUI?

Getting a DUI for a pilot can be an embarrassing and frightening experience. You may not want to tell anyone about it, let alone the FAA. Ignoring the situation won't help, and may cost you your pilot's certificate. You need to actively fight back against a DUI arrest so you can keep your license to drive, your pilot's certificate, and your job. A pilot DUI is not like other DUI cases. An Atlanta DUI attorney with experience representing pilots facing DUI charges understands what you are facing, and what may be at risk.

Are You a Delta Airlines Pilot Who Got Arrested for a DUI?

Delta Airlines is the 2nd largest airline in the country, and Atlanta is the busiest airport in the world. Atlanta is the home base of Delta airlines, and also the home to thousands of Delta and other airline pilots. If you are an airline pilot who was arrested for a DUI in the Atlanta area, you are not alone. The FAA even has a webpage dedicated to Airmen and how to handle DUI/DWIs. However, each state treats a DUI slightly differently, and in Georgia that means that you may only have 30 days to fight a required notification to the FAA.

According to FAA regulations, specifically under 14 CFR 61.15, after an alcohol-related conviction or administrative action related to a motor vehicle action, all pilots must notify the Security and Investigations Division within 60 calendar days.

A driver in Georgia only has 30 days to challenge an administrative suspension of their driver's license after a DUI. This is handled by the Georgia Department of Driver Services, and is separate from the court action. If you don't request a hearing within 30 days, your license will automatically be suspended after 30 days. An administrative license suspension (ALS) has to be reported to the FAA within 60 days. However, if your Atlanta DUI lawyer files a 30-day hearing letter, they can challenge the suspension during an ALS hearing.

If a driver refused to submit to a chemical test after a DUI arrest, then their license will automatically be suspended for one full year. This has to be reported to the FAA. Any conviction for a DUI must also be reported.

Notification Requirements

All pilots must send a Notification Letter to the FAA Security and Investigations Division for a related drivers license suspension or DUI conviction. This may mean sending more than one notification for a single alcohol related incident. The letter has to include your name, contact information, driver's license information, type of violation, and where the violation occurred.

Failing to report a DUI conviction or alcohol-related license suspension within 60 days can trigger a formal investigation. This may result in a suspension or revocation of the pilot's certificate. It is not a good idea to try and hide a DUI conviction, because the FAA will likely discover any alcohol-related incidents during the medical clearance application, which will cross check with the National Driver's Registry, and be notified of the violation and whether it was reported. Rather than try and hide a DUI, your best chance is to fight the DUI so your license never gets suspended, and you don't end up with a conviction. However, because you only have 30 days to request an ALS hearing, you need to act now.

Georgia DUI Defense Lawyer for Pilots

A Georgia DUI defense lawyer who specializes in defending people charged with DUIs understands what airline pilots risk with a license suspension or DUI conviction. We are Georgia's premier DUI defense firm and we will represent you at both the administrative hearing and the criminal proceeding. The time to challenge a reportable license suspension is limited to only 30 days, so call our offices today.

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