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Employment Consequences of An Atlanta DUI

The criminal penalties for a DUI arrests in Atlanta can be very serious, but many drivers worry even more about the consequences they could face at work. If you are concerned about how a DUI arrest could impact your career or education, you are not alone. The most important thing to remember is that an arrest is not a conviction. For many employees, there is no requirement that your employer be informed of an arrest. However, the terms of some employment contracts, especially for employees who must have a certain clearance, or for positions that include driving as a work responsibility, may dictate that arrests be disclosed to an employer. The first step to take if you are concerned about the employment consequences of a DUI arrest is to examine your employment contract. This section provides information regarding concerns for specific professions, including military personnel, when and how to inform your employer about a DUI, and how a conviction could affect your future employment prospects. If you are concerned about the ways in which a DUI conviction could impact your career, please contact me. When we discuss your case, you will gain a clear understanding of how these charges could impact your job and what we can do to mitigate any possible negative effects.

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