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Lyft or Uber Driver After a DUI

Despite the outrage coming from taxi cab companies here in Atlanta, app-based ride shares are gaining in popularity in the metro area. Many passengers champion Uber and Lyft as providing lower-cost, and higher-convenience rides, without the hassle of dealing with cash. Drivers like the flexibility of working a few extra hours here and there, to get some extra money, working around their regular jobs or school schedule.

The companies themselves have even made claims that their service is responsible for a decline in DUIs in the areas where they provide drivers. All this may sound great, but before someone who wants to sign up as a driver, they have to pass a background check, and a DUI conviction may mean they will have to wait awhile before they can be an approved driver.

Lyft or Uber After a DUI

The two biggest rideshare companies are Uber and Lyft. Both of these companies are active in the Atlanta area. And both continue to seek out new passengers and drivers to use their mobile phone-based platform. For passengers to sign up, they only have to download the rideshare app, enter in their name, phone number, credit card and contact information, and they are ready to get picked up. But for wanna-be drivers, the application process is understandably more in-depth.

Uber Driver Screening

Uber ridesharing and livery partners have to undergo what the company calls, “a rigorous background check.” The Fair Credit Reporting Act only allows for credit checks to go back seven years, and that's how far back Uber checks. However, they are not only checking credit reports, they are checking:

  • County courthouse records for every county of residence;
  • Federal courthouse records;
  • Multi-state criminal database;
  • National Sex Offender Registry;
  • Social Security Trace; and
  • Motor vehicle records.

In checking a driver's background, Uber will not allow certain violations within the past seven years. This includes any DUI or other drug related driving violation or severe infraction, any history of reckless driving, or hit and runs.

Lyft Driver Safety Regulations

Similarly, Lyft, says they have safety regulations in place to screen out potentially dangerous drivers. Lyft also does a driving record check, and will not approve a driver who had any DUI or drug related driving violation within the last seven years. Lyft does a background check covering the past seven years, to screen out people who have drug related offenses.

Georgia DUI Lawyer Defending Rideshare DUIs

If you have been arrested for a DUI, and are worried that a DUI conviction will prevent you from getting certain jobs, including as a Uber or Lyft driver, you need a qualified DUI defense lawyer to protect your rights. The Law Office of Lawson and Berry have dedicated our professional careers to defending people who have been charged with drunk driving, or any other number of alcohol related offenses. We will do the same for you, to make sure you keep your license, and keep a clean record. Call us today, anytime day or night, so we can go to bat for you.

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