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What is the Georgia Traffic Violation Point System?

What is the Georgia Traffic Violation Point System?

Most people may be aware that a major traffic violation like drunk driving, or hit and run, or vehicular homicide can result in a revoked or suspended Georgia driver's license. However, even minor traffic violations can get your license suspended. This is because Georgia uses a “points” system, to track driver's violations over their driving career. If a driver gets enough violations over a two year period to trigger enough points, then their license can get suspended or revoked, even though each violation on its own would not result in a suspended license.

How Can Minor Violations Result in a Suspended License?

The Department of Driver Services assigns points to each traffic violation. With each violation, the points are added to your driving record. For adult drivers, once they accumulate 15 points over a two year period, then their license will be suspended. Points depend on the violation, including the following:

  • aggressive driving - 6 points
  • reckless driving - 4 points
  • unlawful passing of a school bus - 6 points
  • improper passing on hill or curve - 4 points
  • speeding 15 to 18 mph over the speed limit - 2 points
  • speeding 19 to 23 mph over the speed limit - 3 points
  • speeding 24 to 33 mph over the speed limit - 4 points
  • speeding 34 mph or more over the speed limit - 6 points
  • failure to obey a traffic signal - 3 points
  • failure to obey a police officer - 3 points
  • operating a vehicle while text messaging - 1 point
  • violation of a child safety restraint - 1 point (2 points for a subsequent offense)
  • using a phone while driving - 1 point

Once a driver accumulates 15 points for a combination of traffic violations over a 2 year period, DDS will suspend their license. Even out of state violations can add points to a driver's DDS record. For driver's under the age of 18, they can face a suspended license after only 4 points from a violation or violations.

However, some points can be taken off a driver's record through a point reduction. By successfully enrolling in and completing a certified defensive driving course, up to 7 points every five years can be reduced, preventing a possible driver's license suspension.

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If your license was suspended due to accumulated points for multiple traffic violations, or if a single violation such as drunk driving resulted in a suspended or revoked license, there are ways for you to get your license back. If you were arrested for a DUI, don't wait another day to call a Georgia DUI defense lawyer, because you only have 30 days to challenge an automatic one-year suspension. If you do not request an ALS hearing, your license will be automatically suspended for a year. Call Lawson and Berry today so we can discuss your case, filing for an ALS hearing, and how we will fight to keep your license to drive, and keep you out of court.

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