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Atlanta Substance Abuse Resources

Atlanta Substance Abuse Resources

Do you think you or a loved one may have a substance abuse problem? For some drivers, an arrest for driving under the influence in Georgia may be a wake up call that they may have a drinking problem. Sometimes even when the driver does not think they have a drinking problem, friends or family may be concerned that drinking and driving will get them arrested, or into an accident. There are a number of resources available for someone concerned with substance abuse issues here in Georgia.

There are a number of regional offices of the State's Department of Behavioral Health, across the state. Each regional office oversees statewide initiatives, develops services and expand existing services, monitors the services to ensure quality and access, investigates and resolves complaints, and in some cases, conducts special investigations.

Crisis and emergency substance abuse services are available 24 hours a day, through a toll free number, at (800) 715-4225. There is also online support, for residents to locate treatment services and support services for people with substance abuse problems. These services are available to all Georgia residents. The Behavioral Health Link can be found online here.

If you live in Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Gwinnett, Newton or Rockdale County, you can access the Department of Behavioral Health's Region 3 services. Adult core services provide basic outpatient services for people with an addictive disease. Services include evaluations by a psychiatrist and nurse, treatment plan development, a schedule of outpatient counseling appointments, supported employment, and home visits by a community service worker.

Peer support services also provide structured activities within a peer support center to promote recovery, wellness, and self-advocacy. There are five peer support centers in Region Three, and the Peer Wellness Center in Decatur.

There are a number of state psychiatric hospitals, private hospitals, and community service areas available in and around Atlanta. These include:

  • Georgia Regional Hospital at Atlanta
  • Peachford Hospital in Dunwoody
  • Summitridge in Lawrenceville
  • Anchor Hospital in Atlanta
  • Avita Community Partners
  • Fulton County MHDDAD
  • Clayton Community Service Board
  • DeKalb Community Service Board and
  • View Point Health

In some cases, the City of Atlanta Municipal Court and the DeKalb County offer treatment court services. Citizens with addiction issues who are arrested as a result of substance abuse may seek these services. For those who are assessed to be good candidates for recovery, and agree to the plan, they may receive mandatory addiction treatment as an alternative to incarceration.

DUI Defense Resources in Georgia

The last resource you might need for substance abuse issues in Atlanta may be a lawyer. If you were arrested for drinking and driving, or driving under the influence of drugs in Atlanta, consider what may be at stake. A DUI conviction will leave you with a criminal record, possible jail time, fines and fees, community service, DUI school and a loss of your driver's license.

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