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DUI Schools in Atlanta

Why does the court sentence you to school after a DUI?

Driving under the influence in Georgia is usually a misdemeanor offense, and most misdemeanor convictions involve the possibility of jail time, and fines or fees. But in order for the state to show that they are tough on DUIs, they add all sorts of additional restrictions, requirements and penalties, even for a first-time DUI offense.

DUI School for Drunk Driving Conviction

It is not only drunk driving that can require DUI school, but possession of illegal drugs, underage possession of alcohol while driving, and even a BUI (boating under the influence) can require DUI school. In order to get your driver's license back, you will have to successfully complete DUI school, and provide the Georgia Department of Driver Services an original certificate of completion of the program.

DUI school isn't like regular school. It is not just classroom instruction, but is intended to be therapeutic and involve group discussion along with other people in a similar situation. The full name of the program is the DUI, Alcohol, or Drug Risk Reduction Program. Only certain Risk Reduction programs are certified and approved by Driver Services, and only approved programs will satisfy their requirements to get your license back.

There are many approved Risk Reduction programs across the state. DDS has a searchable database of certified programs on their website. The judge won't specify which program you have to attend, and all programs charge the same amount, which is set by the state. Each program involves two parts, an assessment and the class component. The assessment has to be completed before the classroom part, and both are required to get a certificate of completion.

Online classes that say they are DUI courses, or Risk Reduction courses are not approved by DDS, and will not be accepted. DDS has not approved any online DUI classes. Make sure your course is approved before giving them them fees for the class. Georgia risk reduction DUI school programs cost a total of $355. The initial assessment costs $100, the 20 hour class is $235, with a workbook fee of $20. The student is responsible for paying the costs of the class.

Assessment and Intervention

Before taking classroom component, you have to complete the 130 question assessment. This is an evaluation of your drug and alcohol use. It is intended to be a comprehensive screening, and can usually be completed onsite where the DUI school is located. After that, the 20 hour classroom program begins, and can be completed over a few days. This is as much education as it is counseling. You will be required to attend every required session, and participate in the discussion and any activities.

You have to attend all the classes to complete the program, this mean's no skipped days, no late arrivals and no leaving early. Even 2 minutes late will probably mean you have to take the class over again, and forfeit the fees, so make sure you are on time.

Georgia DUI Lawyer Defending DUIs

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