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Does An Atlanta DUI Ruin My Chances Of Ever Getting A Job?

Can a DUI prevent you from getting a job? In some cases, the answer is yes. Dealing with an arrest for driving under the influence can be embarrassing, frustrating, and of course expensive. However, one of the biggest impacts of a DUI is that a conviction will lead to a criminal record, and follow you for the rest of your life. This could make it more difficult, or even impossible to get some jobs. This is why you need to do all you can to make sure that an arrest doesn't lead to a conviction.

It may not be what you want to hear, but in Georgia there is no automatic expungement of a DUI after any number of years. That means even one DUI conviction will stay on your criminal record forever. If you get a DUI at age 21, under the current laws, a background check when you're 75 years old will still show that you had a conviction for driving under the influence. Unfortunately, it is not only banks, credit card companies, and rental offices who perform background checks, most employers do now as well.

Admit to a DUI on Job Applications

Many people want to know whether they will have to say they had a DUI when applying for a job. This really depends on the type of job, and the specific employer. Many job applications will only ask about felony convictions. Most DUIs are treated as misdemeanors, and would not have to be disclosed as a felony. However, other applications ask about any criminal convictions. If you were convicted of a DUI, it is best to be truthful in filling out job applications, because a lie can be more harmful than admitting the DUI. If you try and hide the DUI, an employer can still find out about it when a background check shows the conviction.

What Jobs Are Affected by a DUI?

Georgia is an “at will” employment state. This means an employer can fire a worker for no reason at all. While federal law forbids discrimination in employment on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, national origin and disability, there is no protection for people convicted of a DUI.

Some employers have their reasons for not hiring someone with a DUI on their record. For example, many jobs which entail a lot of driving as part of their duties will have employers looking closely at any past drunk driving or other alcohol-related violations. An employer's insurance premiums may go up if they have to cover a convicted drunk driver. This may make it more difficult to get hired as a taxi driver, commercial or delivery driver, and even tractor or forklift operators.

How Long Does a DUI Remain on the Record?

There is no expungement available for a DUI in Georgia. This means that an employer can find out about a past DUI. This is why it is important to make sure that an arrest doesn't turn into a conviction. Just because you were arrested does not mean you have to have a criminal record. There are many ways to fight a DUI, and a DUI defense lawyer who has devoted their practice to defending drivers accused of driving drunk will know what to look for to get the case thrown out, or charges reduced.

Even for those who have already been convicted, the good news is that some employers don't care about a DUI, or will never discover a DUI conviction. As time passes, a DUI usually has less impact on whether an applicant will get hired or not. The negative effects of a DUI will usually fade over time, even if the criminal record doesn't reflect that. However, multiple DUIs and recent DUIs will be taken more seriously, and can really hurt the chances of getting hired.

DUI Defense Lawyer in Georgia

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