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Atlanta Driving Under the Influence Court Process

Many times when someone is charged with their first DUI, they have never been arrested before, let alone appeared as a defendant in the criminal justice system. If you have been charged with driving under the influence in Atlanta, you could be required to handle multiple court appearances. Are you automatically given a public defender? Do you have to attend all the court hearings or can your lawyer go without you?  Would your penalty for DUI be higher if you lose at trial than if you take a plea bargain and avoid a trial altogether? The Attorneys at Lawson and Berry have provided some articles to answer questions people who are getting ready to face the Municipal Court of Atlanta for drunk driving charges often ask. However, the court process is never the same for any two defendants. Unique factors such as your criminal and driving history, what type of DUI you were arrested for, and much more can affect what involvement you will need to have with the court. If you facing this process, give Lawson and Berry a call and we can talk about the specifics of your case so you'll have a good understanding of what to expect throughout the judicial process.

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